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Solar Installation

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Martin Roofing & Solar has designed an innovative Solar Mount system, revolutionizing solar panel installation on shingled roofs. Our cutting-edge design eliminates the need for drilling holes into shingles, ensuring a leak-free installation. With guaranteed leak protection, our mounts offer unmatched peace of mind. Moreover, our solution enhances structural integrity, surpassing other products available. Add Solar effortlessly with our state-of-the-art Solar Mount System.

Martin Roofing & Solar Specializes in residential, commercial, and industrial solar installations, catering to diverse needs. With expertise in both roof and ground mounts, we provide comprehensive solutions for every property. Our services include specialized installations for standing seam metal roofs, ensuring no roof penetration with specially designed mounts that securely clamp around the seams. This method guarantees the integrity of your roof while harnessing solar energy efficiently. Ground mounts offer an ideal alternative for properties with limited roof space, utilizing ample yard space for solar energy generation. Our ground mount systems range from small residential deployments to expansive properties seeking large-scale energy solutions such as solar farms. At Martin Roofing & Solar, we're committed to delivering innovative, reliable, and tailored solar solutions for homes and businesses alike, empowering our clients to embrace solar energy with confidence.

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